NASSLLI 2012 June 18 - 22

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Message from the Director

April, 2012

Less than two months to go before NASSLLI blastoff... mission control here in Austin is a hive of activity.

  • Our detailed minute by minute schedule (see below) has just been announced. Web czar and linguistics graduate student Chris Brown created a nifty little program to calculate the optimal schedule based on all the course preferences signed-up participants told us about, and so I can honestly claim that we have the best of all possible NASSLLI schedules. (Well, at least it's a local maximum in the search space.)
  • In yet more good news, we'll be announcing a schedule of bootcamp classes for the first NASSLLI weekend within a week. Watch this space!
  • With our Dean's generous support, we have reserved a clump of adjacent high quality lecture rooms for the school on the UT campus, within walking distance of both our student dorm accommodation and the lecturers' B&B accommodations.
  • If you have a paper to present in the general areas of logic, language and information, you still have time to submit an abstract to the RAIN or TLS conferences. Deadline is in 1 week: see the links below.
  • Some sign-up news: we already have 150 confirmed participants for the school. We expect to cap registrations at 250, so register soon!

David Beaver

Director, NASSLLI 2012